Rescue The Children

Thank you for visiting our website to help rescue these young girls (and sometimes boys) from a life of betrayal. These kids are born into this world TRUSTING their love ones. Their moms, dads, grandfathers, brothers, uncles and other family or friends only to be sold at the age of 8 or older for sex. I have been shocked at the numbers of kids that this is happening to right here in EVERY STATE!

It is a growing number with pornography and movies being so vile and addictive to the eye of those who watch them.

This CD cover is showing a 3 yr old child walking into the ocean with his grandfather and trusting that grandfather completely to keep him from drowning. That is how we are born into this world. To be able to trust our own family in particular. Not so with too many kids and we need to be their savior on this earth. We are made to be the light on this earth as followers of Christ. We are HIS hands and feet and we are doing a lousy job in this arena of darkness. We have got to expose this to the light and uncover this sickness here in all of our states.

Doug and I had NO IDEA of the problem and the "what and how" this is happening in our wonderful country.

Let me give you an idea of how it can start from a worker in the field. The brother sells his sister to a friend for money and makes her have sex with that person. She is scared, ashamed, sick but the brother doesn't care because he got money for it. This happens with fathers, boyfriends and even moms if they have no money for their own needs which can be drugs, alcohol, etc.

OR you have a man come to a poor family and offer to take their daughter and give her a better life. The parents think they have done a great thing for their daughter only to have her forced to not only have sex but into drug addiction where she is completely needy and reliant on the man that took her in.

Here is the other sad part, once these girls are rescued, they are in dire need of counseling, true love (not manipulation) and finding a way to trust again. NOT an easy task for counselors or workers in this field to accomplish and without funding and people that truly care not one child could be saved.

We have to save the children! We have to RESCUE these children! They cannot rescue themselves and need to know that there are people on this earth (at least 90% I pray) that want to help them! I can't imagine that most Americans would not want to help these kids out of this darkness.

We are a group of people that want to bring awareness to this increasing problem as well as EXPOSE it for what it is, which is usually a male coming to mainly young girls with "wool" over a wolf to fool her. HE pretends he cares and is her prince only to become the wolf ready to eat her up! We need to pull the wool off the wolf and expose this for what it really is...MENTAL ILLNESS!

The way to help is to give financially to Porch Light in your state. ALSO to be aware of kids around you and what is going on in their homes. YOU CAN CHANGE a life from living in a nightmare world to being a productive young person with a sense of purpose and they can go on to have families of their own and teach their children the love of God. A whole new life ahead of them can be theirs for the taking but WE have to rescue them first.

Here are the stats right off the Porch Light website.

Look around, be aware and be ready to be a true friend to a kid that has no hope in their own family. ONE child at a time is the motto here but let's start NOW and be their RESCUERS!